About Bicycle Travelling Women


“We search for small outings to enjoy freedom,
wild trips that push the boundaries and venture out on unthinkable journeys.”

Dervla Murphy

“There are two phases of enjoyment in journeying through an unknown country – the eager phase of wondering interest in every detail, and the relaxed phase when one feels no longer an observer of the exotic, but a participator in the rhythm of daily life.”

Eleanor Moseman

“What is the fear that is stopping you? Fear is my power and I use it to put me into action. Fear can be an empowering emotion. Fear can push you to live fearlessly.”

Anna McNuff

“When I’m 80, and I smell of wee and gin and tonic, I want to look back on my life, and I want to say – that was awesome. I would rather live my life on the brink of failure than in the comfort of assured success.”

About BTW

Bicycle Travelling Women has emerged from the inspiration and energy that is thriving among women who travel by bicycle. This inclusive community of women encourages each other to go out and cycle. To travel your city, travel your country or travel the world by bicycle. To share the best, amazing, essential and difficult moments we all have on and off the bike.

It’s a place where women come together to talk about their experiences, generate ideas, give insight into thoughts, be open about struggles and share best moments of life on a touring bicycle. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling solo, as a couple, as friends or in a group there is a place here for every woman.

Things work differently for women on a bike, interactions with people, practical issues, and we just have a different point of view. You will find women here with equal ambitions, goals and mindset. Women who will support you, women who will encourage you and women who will help you achieve your goals. We search for small outings to enjoy freedom, wild trips that push the boundaries and venture out on unthinkable journeys. We inspire all the courageous females in their run-up to their life changing or enjoyable moments on the bicycle, through new cultures, challenging landscapes, nearby and faraway places.

Let’s do it together

Bicycle Travelling Women aims to support women cyclists throughout the World and we are creating a place where female cyclists can be confident and have a voice as part of a like-minded cycling community. Articles on this website will be coming from multiple authors all with some bicycle travelling experience.

We are connecting women cyclist with each other and with the outdoors via our website, social media and in the real world. Bicycle Travelling Women is currently run on a volunteer basis. Do you want to be active on this website, write articles, organise events or do you have any questions or subjects you would like to read more about? Then please use the contact form to contact us and inquire. Also you can become a member of our amazing Bicycle Travelling Women group on Facebook. Remember, women are stronger together. By joining in and supporting Bicycle Travelling Women you are providing support and solidarity for all adventurous cycling women out there. Let’s do it together.


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Articles on women that are out there cycling, discovering and inspiring others.


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